Omaha closing one of its 17 waste water pumping stations

Omaha, NE – Rising Missouri River flood water is forcing Omaha Public Works to close one of its lift stations.

Environmental Services Manager Marty Grate says the Monroe Street Lift Station, one of the city's 17 waste water pumping stations, closed Friday. He says that'll result in about six million gallons a day of untreated waste water flowing in to the Missouri River.

Grate says a portion of the Monroe Street plant can't be protected from rising flood waters because it's in a low-lying area. An earthen berm going up around the city's waste water treatment plant will cut off the Monroe Street lift station.

The public is advised to avoid contact with the river from the Veterans Memorial bridge southward until further notice.

The Missouri River is at 29.5 feet in Omaha as of late Friday morning. Flood Warnings continue along the Missouri River from Blair to Rulo.