Omaha eye doctor shares tips for fireworks safety

Jul 2, 2013

An Omaha ophthalmologist says one in six eye injuries due to fireworks cause permanent damage.

The Nebraska State Fire Marshal’s Office says 136 people were treated at hospitals last July for fireworks-related injuries. Dr. Richard Maw says sparklers and projectiles from fireworks such as bottle rockets cause many significant injuries.

"The most dangerous injuries we see from fireworks are from projectiles. And they can cause ruptured globes, they can cause penetrating injuries, they can cause retinal detachment, they can cause injury to the optic nerve, and about one out of every six eye injuries we see from fireworks does result in a permanent vision loss."

Dr. Maw says children should be kept 500 feet or more away from fireworks. Teens and adults using fireworks should wear protective eyewear and be supervised.