Omaha hosts ethanol conference

Omaha, NE – Governor Dave Heineman says there are two important issues on the minds of Nebraskans right now Husker football and energy.

Heineman's comments came during the American Coalition for Ethanol conference Wednesday in Omaha. The conference brings together ethanol advocates, energy companies, builders and trade groups to discuss issues surrounding the biofuels industry.

The conference is happening at the same time as the Gang of 10 is introducing new energy legislation. That bill supports the long-term development of biofuels and gives tax credits for the development of renewable energy sources.

Heineman says ethanol production is important to Nebraska's economy, particularly in rural areas. Nebraska is home to 22 ethanol plants, which could produce two billion gallons of the fuel additive by the end of this year. The Governor called on the ethanol industry to have a strong partnership with the livestock industry.