Omaha lawmaker details proposal for tax modernization committee

Feb 21, 2013

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A key lawmaker in Nebraska's tax debate has released new details about a proposal to create a tax-modernization committee.

Sen. Beau McCoy of Omaha unveiled a measure Thursday that would create a 12-member working group, set public hearings throughout the state, and schedule a "tax summit" to chart a new path for Nebraska's tax code.

The new proposal would include at least five public hearings throughout Nebraska, online questionnaires, and a state tax summit. Committee members would also review previous tax-policy studies and issue a report to lawmakers and the governor by Dec. 15.

McCoy says he'd like to see the tax summit coincide with the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island, to attract as many people as possible.


The bill is LB613

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