Omaha to lay off 156 employees

Omaha, NE – Omaha plans to lay off a total of 156 employees to save money in the 2009 budget.

Mayor Jim Suttle's office announced the layoffs Wednesday. The Parks and Recreation Department, and the Library, are facing the most employee layoffs. The city plans to lay off 76 Parks and Recreation Employees and 60 Library employees. Suttle's office estimates the layoffs, along with furloughs, will save the city $756,000.

Mayor Suttle's spokesman, Ron Gerard, says Omahans can expect reduced library hours and additional closings, along with less maintenance at city parks, through the rest of this year.

Omaha's 2009 budget has a $12 million deficit. The announcement follows the Omaha City Council's rejection Tuesday of a two-percent entertainment tax.