Omaha manufacturing and design firm looks to grow its business---and the product they use

Aug 29, 2013

An Omaha manufacturing and design business to expand its operations and grow the materials used to make its furniture.

Omaha’s Mastercraft Building is the home of MTRL Design. The company, founded by Josh Powell and Nick Mauer, works with Omaha companies on design projects for their clients. They also make bamboo furniture and accessories.

Powell and Mauer say one of MTRL’s goals is to minimize their environmental impact. They hope to raise enough funds through a crowdfunding campaign to grow the bamboo for their products in the Midwest. Powell and Mauer say that would further minimize environmental impacts, since the bamboo they use now comes from China.

“Within our business model, eco-responsibility is a huge thing for us, and so that long haul across the ocean, it just doesn’t really mix with our business model. So to be able to grow and manufacture bamboo panels here, which is our choice of green building material, it just makes sense. There’s no reason for us not to do that.”

More information about MTRL and their projects is available at