Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle suffers a mild stroke

Aug 7, 2012

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle will spend the night at Methodist Hospital after suffering a mild stroke during an international economic development tour.

Dr. Elizabeth Denman, Mayor Suttle's physician, says he's doing well and is otherwise very healthy. Suttle checked in to a hospital in Naas, Ireland, last Friday after he experienced slurred speech, vertigo, and numbness around his mouth. Suttle was treated for dehydration and a spike in blood pressure. He returned to Omaha Monday night via an air ambulance and was admitted to Methodist Hospital for additional tests.

Dr. Denman says people who've suffered a stroke are at risk for another. But she says Mayor Suttle has regular exams and won't need anything more than regular check-ups once he's released from the hospital.

Suttle will return to work Monday, August 13. He was in Ireland as part of a ten-day economic development tour with three sister cities.