Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle won't resign, faces a recall election

Omaha, NE – Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle says he won't resign, and is confident he'll overcome a recall election.

Suttle issued a statement Friday, five days after receiving notification of the need for a recall election. In the letter to Election Commissioner Dave Phipps, Suttle says "I'm sure you will understand my commitment to the 92 percent of Omaha residents who did not participate in the recall and are concerned about the methods used to collect signatures. I trust the judicial system and I trust the people of Omaha."

Suttle says while the public has a right to prevent "egregious or criminal acts by an officeholder, I have done neither."

A court hearing is scheduled for Monday to hear allegations of fraud and mismanagement by petition circulators. Mayor Suttle's attorney, Vince Powers, and anti-recall group Forward Omaha allege circulators made false statements about the intent and cost of the recall.

Tuesday, the City Council is expected to set a January 25th recall election date.