Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey not seeking a third term

Omaha, NE – Omaha Mayor Mike Fahey says he's done a lot during his two terms in office but it's time for someone else to lead the city.

Fahey announced Tuesday morning that he won't seek a third term as Omaha's Mayor. That leaves the 2009 Mayoral race wide open.

Fahey says his decision to leave office is motivated by what he's accomplished. He says in 2001, his goals were to improve neighborhoods, restore civility at City Hall, and improve public safety. Fahey says he feels he's accomplished all of those goals.

Mayor Fahey anticipates his final ten months in office will be busy. He says the city must decide whether or not to go forward with a streetcar project. Other projects include possible implementation of tax increment financing districts and additional downtown parking. The city is also working to open a new day center for the homeless.

As far as the 2009 Mayoral race, Fahey says he isn't backing any candidate at this point. He says he made his decision ten months before the election so others can enter the race. Former Omaha Mayor Hal Daub could announce this fall his intent to run again. Fahey defeated Daub in the 2001 election.

After his term in office ends, Fahey says he plans to continue working with Building Bright Futures and nonprofits. He also wants to spend more time with his grandchildren.

Click on the link above to hear Mayor Fahey's announcement.