Omaha Mayor vetoes four amendments to 2015 budget

Sep 4, 2014

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert has vetoed four amendments to the city’s budget, but kept one for additional police officers.

Stothert notified the Omaha City Council Thursday of her vetoes. One item removed from the 2015 budget is funding for an Active Living Coordinator. In a letter to the council, Stothert says the addition is unnecessary because there’s already a funded position in the Planning Department.

$40,000 for the Great Plains Black History Museum was vetoed from the 2015 budget. Stothert says there’s disagreement over control and management of the Museum. She says the city already funds the museum through turnback tax funds.

An amendment for a sustainability consulting contract was vetoed. Stothert also vetoed 175-thousand dollars in additional funding for the Omaha Public Library to buy materials.

Stothert kept an amendment adding 8 police recruits to the class of 21 scheduled for next year.

The City Council could vote next week on whether or not to override the vetoes.