Omaha Named One of the Nation's 100 Best Communities for Young People

Omaha, NE – America's Promise Alliance and ING recently named Omaha as one of the 100 Best Communities for Young People.

City of Omaha Deputy Communications Director Catherine Mello says it's an outstanding recognition for Omaha and its partner, Building Bright Futures. She says America's Promise have several criteria in awarding the designation. They look for communities that make youth a priority by implementing programs that help keep youth in school and help prepare them for college and the 21st century workforce.

Mello says it was an honor to receive the designation. She says, "this is an outstanding recognition for Omaha and we are very fortunate that we have so many community organizations who are committed to improving the lives of our young people. Mello says this is really a testament to the great community resources we have in Omaha.

Building Bright Futures' mission includes working with kids to improve their academic performance as well as helping to raise graduation rates.