Omaha Police holding gun amnesty day Saturday

Mar 11, 2014

Omaha Police are co-sponsoring a gun amnesty day on Saturday.

Saturday’s amnesty day will be held at the Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall, at 3333 South 24th Street, from 10am to 2pm. Illegal or unwanted firearms and ammunition can be dropped off at the site, no questions asked.

Sergeant Todd Kozelichki says the amnesty days are important to removing weapons from Omaha’s streets.

"It’s a collaborative effort when it comes to the police department working with Project Safe Neighborhoods and also the community in order to take an unwanted, whether it be legal or illegal, firearm off the street. There’s some peace of mind there hopefully for everyone involved, that the firearm can no longer be used by someone with the intention of hurting someone with it or committing a crime with it."

Weapons should be unloaded if possible. If you’re unsure if the weapon is loaded or don’t know how to unload it, notify staff before you turn in the weapon.

After the amnesty day, all guns and ammunition collected are destroyed.