Omaha Police to join 2,600 nationwide providing crowd control at Inauguration

Jan 18, 2013

Monday’s inauguration will include 12 Omaha Police officers.

2,600 police officers from around the U.S. will join D.C. Metro Police Monday for crowd control along the inauguration parade route. OPD Captain Scott Gray is one of the officers going to D.C. He says it’s an  honor for the department to be chosen as one assisting with the Presidential inauguration. 

"We’ll get sworn in, basically deputized as temporary U.S. Marshals, and we do that on Sunday. And then on Monday it’s kind of a long work day, but we’ll be out there early in the dark of the morning on the parade route on Pennsylvania Avenue and we’ll assist with crowd control and security for the inauguration parade throughout the whole day."

This will be the third time OPD officers have been part of the inauguration. Five OPD officers were part of the inauguration after the 2004 election. There were 10 OPD members in D.C. for the inauguration following the 2008 election.

Omaha Public Radio will carry NPR’s coverage of President Barack Obama’s inauguration Monday from 9am to noon.