Omaha prepares for winter

Omaha, NE – The city of Omaha has new trucks and an ample supply of road salt ready for winter.

Public Works officials talked about the city's snow preparedness at a news conference Wednesday. When a snow emergency is declared, residents living east of 72nd Street must park on the even-number side of the street on even-number days, and the odd-number side of the street on odd-number days.

Street Maintenance Superintendent Scott McIntyre says Public Works hopes more people comply with those regulations this year. "Partial compliance with residents along the street isn't nearly as helpful as complete compliance. So that's something that we know we're going to have to communicate with people, continue to explain this program, and hopefully with enforcement we'll see better results."

McIntyre says private contractors will clear residential areas of snow this year, as they did last year. He says that program was successful.

The city's snow removal plan is available online at