Omaha Press Club Educational Forum for May features Tea Party Movement

Omaha, NE – The Tea Party Movement was the subject of last week's Omaha Press Club Educational Series.

Americans for Prosperity state Director Brad Stevens was one of the guest speakers. He says the Tea Party Movement is best defined as conservative politics, with limited government, individual freedom, state's rights and having a constitutional framework for legislation as the key issues. Stevens says there is no leader of the Tea Party and there is no mission statement.

Patrick Bonnett of Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom was the other guest speaker. He says the Tea Party Movement is made up of a group of citizens who look and sound just like everyone else. Bonnett says the movement advocates fairness, simplicity, transparency and accountability from the government.

KIOS will air the Omaha Press Club Educational Forum on the Tea Party Movement in its entirety on Monday, June 14th at noon.