Omaha Press Club features Frank LaMere

Feb 7, 2018

Frank LaMere was the guest speaker at the last Omaha Press Club Noon Forum.

Credit The Denver Post

LaMere is a social and political activist from South Sioux City, Nebraska. 

He has been involved with civil and human rights issues for a long time, as well as advocacy for Native people both regionally and nationally. 

LaMere won the Award of Excellence from Project Extra Mile for his work at Whiteclay, helping stop the illegal flow of alcohol from Nebraska onto the dry Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. 

He’s also appeared in two documentaries on the subject, The Battle for Whiteclay and Sober Indian Dangerous Indian.

"Did you say that the death and dying needs to end?  When asked these questions I will answer ‘yes’ and so will many of you here because we are Nebraskans.  We are God-fearing and we know that there are so few of us that we must look out for each other and be good to each other.”

The Omaha Press Club’s Noon Forum airs in its entirety on Monday, February 12th on KIOS.