Omaha Press Club Features Mayor Jean Stothert

Nov 7, 2017

The Omaha Press Club’s most recent Noon Forum featured Mayor Jean Stothert. 

Omaha’s first female mayor was elected in 2013 and is now starting her second term in office.  At the press club, Mayor Stothert talked about her “Vision for Omaha.” 

The mayor talked about the challenges she has faced up to this point and the road ahead.  She specifically says she has four priorities in mind for the next four years.

"But as long as I am Mayor, I am going to concentrate on four main goals: public safety, which is my first responsibility is keeping the citizens safe, second is managing the city budget, third is job growth and economic development and fourth is improving the taxpayer experience.”

You can hear the Omaha Press Club Noon Forum on Mayor Stothert’s “Vision for Omaha” in its entirety on Monday, November 13th here on KIOS.