The Omaha Public Library kicks off its Retirement Transition Series tomorrow

Feb 28, 2018

The Omaha Public Library’s retirement transition series starts tomorrow and runs through April 24th.

Emily Getzschman, Marketing Manager, says the library has partnered with Sequent Planning to offer these programs. 

She says it’s the library’s 8th year of presenting the series which is geared toward those who are retired, who are thinking about retiring or who are beginning to plan for retirement. 

Getzschman says there will be five different programs that are each offered at four locations.

"The whole goal of this series is to help people make the most of their retirement and to define their goals and also to make the most of their income in their retirement.  So, one of the topics they’re going to be addressing is social security strategies and how to integrate that with your other retirement income sources.  They also will talk about tax efficient retirement; so coordinating your IRA withdrawals and your savings with social security to make your retirement funds last even longer.”

Medicare 101, Estate Planning and Minding Investment Risk are the other three topics in the series.

Getzschman says there is no charge to attend but those who are interested do need to sign up at