Omaha Ranks #1 for Cheapskates

Sep 2, 2013

Kiplinger’s has named Omaha the best city in the nation for Cheapskates.

Stacy Rapacon, Online Editor with, says one of the criteria used to compile the list was the presence of affordable activities. 

She says Kiplinger’s looked at the number of public libraries and museums in each city. 

Rapacon says these types of venues are more likely to offer free or low-cost entertainment options. 

But she says the biggest factor used in selecting the cities on the list was affordability.

"We used the cost of living index from the Council for Community and Economic Research and we just basically screened out all of the cities with above average living costs.  The second biggest factor was household income.  We got that data from the census bureau.  We just wanted to make sure people could typically expect to be paid well in these areas so their penny-pinching ways would add up to big savings.”

Rapacon says this information can help people who are interested in lowering or cutting their costs find an affordable city to live in.  Ogden, Utah and Des Moines, Iowa were ranked second and third respectively.