Omaha to send 2,291 fliers to businesses and residents in evacuation zone

Omaha, NE – Omaha plans to send 2,291 informational fliers Friday to businesses and residents within the city's identified flood evacuation zone.

The fliers explain how residents and businesses will be notified of an evacuation. They also address where people in the evacuation zone should report to after leaving, and how to prepare. No evacuation orders have been issued.

National Guard soldiers continue to monitor Omaha's 13-mile levee system. Omaha Public Works Environmental Services Manager Marty Grate says they've found some minor issues, primarily with holes caused by burrowing animals. Grate says they're filling those spots with dirt and sandbagging them.

Meanwhile, sandbag operations continue Thursday and Friday at Levi Carter Park as the city looks to stockpile bags. Since June 12th, more than 2,300 people have volunteered to fill sandbags. They've put in more than seven thousand hours of work. Parks Director Melinda Pearson says the goal is to have more than 200,000 sandbags ready to go. So far, volunteers have made 276,000 sandbags.

The Missouri River is at 35.4 feet at Omaha.