Omaha street crews begin repairs

Omaha, NE – Omaha Public Works crews are starting work to repair potholes and remove graffiti city-wide. Public Works plans to have crews on the roads seven days a week, weather permitting, through April 11th to fix potholes. Crews are also working to remove graffiti from signs, benches and other spots.

Street Maintenance Superintendent Fred Tolle says this season's winter weather didn't do as much damage to the highways as last winter because this season has had longer cold spells and less severe thawing periods. He says a blizzard last year, combined with two or three powerful storms and warm spells in between, caused significant damage to the roads.

Tolle says drivers who encounter a Public Works crew filling potholes should be careful and watch out for flashing lights. He says it isn't uncommon for accidents to happen due to drivers not being careful and slowing down.

Omaha's Public Works department has an $18 million Street Maintenance budget. Public Works spent $500,000 last year on asphalt, and most of it was used for filling potholes.