Omaha Symphony Makes Significant Economic Impact

Jul 15, 2013

The Omaha Symphony collaborated with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Bureau of Business Research to study the economic impact the symphony has had in the community.

Music Director Thomas Wilkins, Omaha Symphony

James Johnson is President and CEO of the Omaha Symphony. He says over the last five years, the Omaha Symphony has generated an accumulated economic impact of 45 million dollars in Douglas County and 37 million outside of the county. 

Johnson says everyone considers the symphony a cultural resource, but it is nice to know it also provides economic impact. 

He says the symphony’s role in the community is not just to play concerts at the Holland Center but also to connect people, both in Omaha and statewide.

"We are continuing to reach some of those who are forgotten in the community.  And that includes 30,000 kids each year who come through our doors for our many different community engagement programs or the programs where we are traveling out in the community and reaching people in venues that are maybe a little bit off the beaten path, not necessarily the Holland Center.”

Johnson says having a quality symphony in Omaha is also a major selling point when employers are looking to hire people from outside the area. 

Research conducted by Tourism Economics shows 11.4 million people visited Omaha in 2012, spending more than one billion dollars.  

Visitor spending saves each Douglas County household about $655 a year in taxes.