Omaha Symphony Resident Conductor debuts world premiere work

Omaha, NE – Omaha Symphony Resident Conductor Ernest Richardson's Three Scenes for Chamber Orchestra will have its world premiere Saturday night.

The Omaha Symphony Chamber Orchestra will play the piece on a program titled Spirit of Creativity. Richardson says he composes works with specific musicians in mind. Spirit of Creativity is dedicated to the Symphony in honor of its 90th Anniversary. Richardson says the three scenes in the work are connected through the idea of a chase, "The first scene is aggressive and kind of dark and perhaps doesn't end well for those who are involved in the chase. The second movement is called "Dream State" and in that movement, the idea is the dream envelopes the dreamer. And the last scene is called "Caccia" which is actually a renaissance song form. It's the context of chasing after someone that you are enamored of. That chase presumably ends well."

Spirit of Creativity takes place tomorrow night at 7:00 in the Strauss Performing Arts Center. Information is available online at