Omaha Under the Radar

Feb 12, 2014

Omaha Under the Radar is a brand new festival focused on contemporary performance.

Amanda Deboer Bartlett is co-founder and co-director. She says it'll feature music composed by living musicians or theatre written by contemporary writers. 

In addition to music and theatre, Bartlett says the three day festival will include performances with live electronics, sound installations, spoken word and improvisation.

"Many of the arts organizations in town focus on standard and classic repertoire, the cornerstones of the repertoire like Beethoven, and really important composers.  But they don’t necessarily feature a lot of living artists – composers and writers – so we started the three-day festival and it will feature performers, composers and writers of all different live performing arts.”

So far, four venues have committed to Omaha Under the Radar.

These include The Bancroft Street Market, House of Loom, The Slowdown and UNO.