Omaha unveils evacuation plan in case of levee breach

Omaha, NE – Omaha emergency officials have an evacuation plan ready in the event the Missouri River levee breaches.

The evacuation plan covers an area from the Missouri River on the east to Florence Boulevard and 16th Street on the west. 10th Street is its southern border. About 2,700 residents live in that area.

Assistant Fire Chief Dan Stolinski, spokesman for the Missouri River Unified Command, says the evacuation plan is just a precautionary measure. "This is just an evacuation area of a worst-case scenario, in the event of a catastrophic levee breach."

The evacuation map and instructions for the public are available at Also Thursday, emergency management officials announced they've requested National Guard assistance monitoring the levees. That request has not yet been approved.

The Missouri River is at 33.2 feet in Omaha.