Omaha utilities officials say Missouri River not affecting their operations

Omaha, NE – Omaha's Public Power District and Metropolitan Utilities District say their respective operations are fine despite the rising Missouri River.

The Missouri River is above flood stage from Blair to Rulo. Monday afternoon, a levee broke near Hamburg, Iowa.

MUD Senior Vice President of Communications Mark Doyle says their three water plants are operating normally. "As expected, there are no water quality issues in the metropolitan area. We've been getting a few calls, occasionally when we talk about waste water we might confuse it with potable tap water, so we just want to be very clear to all of our customers in the metropolitan area that the water is safe."

OPPD spokesman Tim Burke says operations are normal at their three power generation facilities. One of those, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant, is not online right now. "We've actually done some additional electric supply to that plant, where we are able to bring in overhead supplies to that plant that are not concerned about rising in flood waters that are probably 50 or 60 feet in the air that connect in to that plant."

Burke says no power transmission problems are expected at their facilities in north Omaha and Nebraska City. Sandbagging is happening at some power substations.

The Missouri River is above 32 feet at Omaha as of Monday morning. It's expected to rise to 32.8 feet by Friday as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers releases more water from Gavins Point Dam.

More information on the Missouri River Unified Command flood response is available at