Omaha's Mayoral candidates: Jim Suttle and Jean Stothert

Apr 3, 2013

Omaha Mayor Jim Suttle will run for re-election May 14, and he’ll be opposed by City Councilwoman Jean Stothert.

Stothert won Tuesday’s primary and Suttle finished second. Suttle was elected Mayor in 2009 and narrowly won a recall election in 2011. Suttle says he’ll spend the next six weeks of his re-election campaign focusing on results and visions for Omaha.

“That’s loud and clear what our results are, and the people have told us that they like the fact that I’m getting things done. Now we have to talk about the vision, and there’s going to be two entirely different visions set by me and my opponent from here on out. And the voters are going to have to decide which one they prefer.”

Stothert says the next six weeks will be full of spirited debate, giving voters the chance to fully understand the differences between her and Mayor Suttle. She says the election will have a lot to do with both policy and personality. 

“My agenda is going to be to reduce crime and promote job growth and better manage city government. I welcome the ideas of others, not just top down management.  I don’t think that works any longer.  And I will listen to voters and let them know that I understand I work for them and that it’s not the other way around.”

Unofficial election results can be found at Voter turnout is estimated at 22 percent.