Omaha's new Mayor, City Council sworn in

Mayor Jim Suttle's inaugural address, June 8, 2009

Omaha, NE – Omaha's new Mayor and City Council begin their work Tuesday.

Mayor Jim Suttle and the City Council, with four new members, were sworn in Monday night at City Hall. Suttle served one term on the Omaha City Council before defeating former two-term Mayor Hal Daub in last month's City election. Pete Festersen, Ben Gray, Chris Jerram and Jean Stothert were elected to the City Council last month and join three incumbents.

In his first address as Mayor, Suttle said the city faces three immediate challenges: addressing a revenue shortfall in this year's budget, finalizing next year's budget, and making the pension plan solvent. He called for the creation of one thousand new jobs in the eastern part of Omaha. Suttle wants those to be green industry jobs and believes those would benefit all parts of the city.

Suttle says he also wants City Hall to become a partner with business and labor. He asked for public support moving forward.