Omaha's retired city employees to pay up to 35 percent for health insurance

Omaha, NE – Nearly all of Omaha's retired city employees will begin paying for their health insurance coverage in July.

The City Council voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon in favor of an amended plan. Police, fire and civilian retirees will pay 25 percent for single coverage, 30 percent for single plus one, or 35 percent for family coverage. Councilwoman Jean Stothert says not controlling health care costs has dire financial consequences for the city.

The vote means some city retirees will pay more than $480 dollars a month for their health insurance. Omaha's Human Resources Director, Richard O'Gara, says the plan will save the city $4.1 million.

Mayor Jim Suttle issued a statement saying the vote will save taxpayers money and help the city find cost savings.