Omaha's Story

Omaha, NE – You may have missed the StoryCorps Mobile Storybooth and wondered whether there might be an opportunity to record your story. The answer is Yes!
Inspired by StoryCorps, KIOS-FM brings Omaha's Story. This project continues the tradition of recording the extraordinary stories of everyday people. This is the chance for you and your loved ones to recount those special moments in your life.

Each participant will receive a CD of their story and some of these may be featured on KIOS-FM's Omaha's Story segment, airing Wednesdays at 7:33am.

The next stop for Omaha's Story will be at the Walnut Grove Retirement Ice Cream Social June 23, 11am - 4pm, located at 153rd and "Q" Streets. There are several 30 minute appointment slots available for the public.

To schedule your time, you may call Michelle at 861-1611.