Omaha's VA Medical Center opens its renovated Emergency Department

Omaha, NE – The VA Medical Center in Omaha will open its newly renovated Emergency Department Friday.

VA officials opened the renovated Department Wednesday morning. The Department features six exam rooms, a trauma room for rapid response, and two multi-purpose rooms. There are also so-called "fast track" rooms to treat Veterans with minor illnesses. The multi-purpose rooms feature retractable doors to cover cabinets and medical supplies to keep psychiatric patients safe.

Dr. Scott Menolacino is the Director of the Emergency Department. He says the renovated Department also features a simulation center, where residents and students can learn about patient care during life-threatening situations.

Construction took one year and cost $1.7 million. The VAMC sees 12,000 Veterans in its Emergency Department each year. Of those, about 18 percent are admitted to the Medical Center.