Only Human on View at JCC

Jan 11, 2013

Multitask, charcoal, 2011, Courtney Kenny

Artist Courtney Kenny’s “Only Human” exhibition is on view at the Jewish Community Center throughout January.

The exhibit includes more than 30 pieces in various mediums including charcoal drawing, oil painting, and yarn.  

Kenny describes her artistic style as Unrealistic Realism: realistic in style, but unrealistic in subject matter. 

Kenny says it’s drawings of impossible situations that are done in a realistic way, such as depicting a person as a phone. 

She says she takes her inspiration from everyday life.

"Just everyday occurrences and things that either frustrate me or excite me.  Things like getting ready each morning.  It’s something I deal with every morning and it’s a frustration for me so that’s a piece.  Another one is celebrating the joys of childhood so it’s all about  just things I see in daily life that I find interesting.”

Kenny hopes people will relate to and identify with her work. Only Human is on display at the Jewish Community Center through January 31st.