OPD's Salute to Safety Expo

Apr 26, 2013

The Omaha Police Department will offer a Salute to Safety Expo this Saturday. 

Officer Jenny Nelson says 40 community organizations are participating.  

Courtesy of Omaha Police Department

She says each of them will have safety messages or materials for the public. 

Nelson says attendees will meet local first responders and see demonstrations. 

The DEA will also be part of that event.

"You’re welcome to bring out any old prescriptions.  We don’t ask your name or take any information from you.  You just drop them off in a secure location with us and they are transported somewhere else to be disposed of and we will be doing that in our parking lot and a few other sites you can drop off at.”

The Salute to Safety Expo takes place at Westroads Mall this Saturday from 10 to 2.  Information is available at 402-444-3479.