Open enrollment is underway

Nov 14, 2017

With more millions of Nebraskans looking to select new healthcare or change plans, UnitedHealth Group is offering some enrollment tips to help people better navigate the process.

Chad Pendleton is the CEO for Medicare & Retirement -Illinois, Iowa, and Nebraska at UnitedHealth Group. 

He says it’s important everyone is aware of open enrollment dates.  Pendleton says for the 58 million who are Medicare eligible, open enrollment runs through December 7th.  For everyone else, the deadline to choose or change a plan is December 15th. 

Pendleton says during the process, make sure the coverage you have still meets your needs, pay close attention to monthly premiums and check that your medications are covered.   

Pendleton says it’s also a good idea to see if your doctors are included under any plan you select.

"So you really want to make sure those physicians and hospitals are still available in the plan you choose.  It’s not uncommon for a health plan to not have a provider anymore or that may not be on the specific plan that you’ve chosen, so that’s always critically important to look at that.”

UnitedHealthcare has a website that offers tips and information on coverage options.   The website is