OPPD receiving high number of scam reports

Apr 11, 2018

Jodi Baker, Media Specialist for OPPD, says currently the utility is noticing a spike in the number of people reporting scam phone calls.

Baker says these individuals phone customers alleging that they’re overdue on their bills. 

She says sometimes they will also tell customers they need to pay for equipment that they wouldn’t actually need to pay for. 

Baker says the scammers then demand payment and threaten to disconnect residents’ power if they don’t receive it. 

Often the scammers will ask customers to go and purchase payment cards and call the scammers back with those numbers.  Baker says if people aren’t careful, they could be out hundreds of dollars.

"We want to let people know these scammers ABSOLUTELY do not represent the utility.  We would never operate that way, demanding payment over the phone like that.  And if anyone has questions about their bill, they need to hang up and call OPPD.  The number in Omaha is 402-536-4131.  Outside of Omaha it’s 1-877-536-4131.”

Baker says OPPD advises you not to trust your caller ID as thieves have methods for spoofing numbers to make it look like the call is coming from OPPD. 

She says OPPD sends written notices to those who are overdue on bills.