Opportunities to Build Iowa's Economy

Dec 27, 2013

The Iowa Chamber Alliance is a coalition of the 16 largest chamber and economic development organizations across Iowa. Their main goal is to  promote economic growth in Iowa.

John Stineman, Executive Director, says as the alliance looks toward 2014, they feel there are opportunities to improve the business environment in the state. 

He says the alliance would like to see the legislature simplify and lower income taxes for both individuals and businesses.  And that’s not all.

"We feel like there’s a good opportunity for us to invest in our infrastructure and that includes our highways but also it includes the opportunity we have to invest in broadband and creating an environment that would be more attractive for broadband infrastructure investments and carrying us into the future with that investment.”

Stineman says the ICA’s priorities also include workforce development and education as well as evaluating general business rules and regulations.