OPS board approves five-year strategic plan

Apr 24, 2014

More students graduating from high school in four years is one of the outcomes identified in OPS’ five-year strategic plan.

The OPS board gave unanimous support Monday night to the plan. It addresses achievement, test scores, graduation rates, and absences. OPS Superintendent Mark Evans calls the plan the right thing to do.

"Those are a lot of measures, and we’re asking for improvement in every single measure. Attendance rates. Graduation rates. Achievement gaps. ACTs, not only participation, but scores. I guess I would just say it’s very aggressive, probably one of the most aggressive that you’ll find, but I think it’s appropriate."

The strategic plan sets a target of a 90 percent four-year high school graduation rate, as well as more students on track to graduate at the end of a school year. It also sets a goal of fewer students missing ten or more days of school, from 35 percent to 25 percent.