OPS board seats on Tuesday's ballot

Nov 5, 2012

Six Omaha Public Schools board seats are on Tuesday’s general election ballot.

Board members Nancy Huston, Mary Ellen Drickey, Kersten Borer, and Sandra Jensen aren’t seeking re-election. The Subdistrict Two, Four, Six, Eight, Ten, and Twelve seats are on the ballot.

Current OPS board president Freddie Gray is seeking re-election. She’s opposed in the Subdistrict Two race by James M. English. Subdistrict Six board member Mary Morrissey is also running for re-election and is unopposed.

Sarah Brumfield and Oscar Duran are running for the Subdistrict Four seat. Danyelle Baratta and Andy Allen are candidates for Subdistrict Eight. In Subdistrict Twelve, Jennifer Tompkins Kirshenbaum and Patrick J. Bourne are candidates.

Nicole Nash is running unopposed for the Subdistrict Ten seat.