OPS Director of Elementary Education Has Suggestions for Parents of Children Starting Kindergarten

Aug 10, 2017

Most area school districts will be starting classes next week or the week after.  For parents with children beginning kindergarten, this can be an emotional time.  Donna Dobson, Director of Elementary Education for the Omaha Public Schools, says one of the most important things parents can do is be enthusiastic and excited for their child.   

“Even though you might be nervous that your child is leaving home and going to school for the first time, it’s so important that they feel your excitement, and you’re showing them what a great part of their growing up this is going to be.  As a parent, I would go up to the school and play on the playground with my child and walk around the building and pop in and even see if there is anyone available just to greet the child.”

Dobson says reading to your child daily and talking to them whenever you can, to foster language development, are among the best things you can do as a parent.

Dobson says if you have a child attending OPS who isn’t yet registered, you should go to the Student Placement Services office at the TAC Building at 3215 Cuming Street. 

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