OPS prepares to welcome new school board, superintendent

Jun 5, 2013

The new superintendent of the Omaha Public Schools says setting short and long-term goals with the new board will be his priority.

Mark Evans begins his new job as OPS superintendent July 1.
Credit OPS

Mark Evans takes over July 1 as OPS’ new superintendent. He’s spent the past several months studying the school district’s student achievement and financial data. He’s also reached out to stakeholders to learn what they see as OPS’ strengths and challenges.

Evans says working with a new school board brings both challenges and opportunities.

"I think the real key goal is helping them develop and understand the big-picture purpose of schools boards, that provide the vision and support that direction and vision that we’ve collectively come together on, and then my job is to implement that vision. And so helping them see how that pans out, but also helping them see that the day to day operations are much different than any of them are going to be accustomed to."

Evans says he’ll also work closely with the board on a strategic plan for OPS. He says it’s important for stakeholders to know and understand what the district’s priorities are with student achievement at the core of it all.

The first meeting of the nine-member OPS board is June 17th.