OPS Subdistrict 3 Candidates

May 7, 2013

Incumbent Marian Fey will face challenger Woody Bradford for the Omaha Public Schools 3rd Subdistrict seat.

Marian Fey started serving on the OPS board in 2011.  In January of this year, Fey became the President of the Board. 

Fey is a strong supporter of Neighborhood Schools and believes in fiscal responsibility. 

During her tenure, she has voted for policy changes to provide greater transparency and accountability to superintendent contracts and benefits. 

Fey says she is also an advocate for teachers and believes in implementing major communication strategies between the school district and the whole board.  

She has proposed podcasts of all public meetings which are now available on the OPS website.

Attorney Woody Bradford believes the quality of public education helps define and serve the neighborhoods in our community.

According to his website, Bradford says the process for managing public education requires community involvement, team work and positive leadership.

As a board member, Bradford says he will do his best to keep the public informed and about its investment in public education.

Bradford current serves on the Omaha Police Foundation Board of Directors, the Omaha Crime Stoppers Board of Directors and is a Teammates Mentor.

The General Election takes place May 14th.  For more information, the website is