OPS Subdistrict 4 Candidates

May 7, 2013

Current OPS Board Member Justin Wayne is facing challenger Jill Brown for the right to represent the 4th Subdistrict.

Wayne is a licensed attorney who works at Union Pacific Railroad as an Assistant Director in Labor Relations.

On his website, Wayne says he believes, “OPS must unite parents, teachers, business leaders, and the community around their neighborhood schools. Our neighborhood schools must be community centers and the anchors in the community.”

Wayne says the way to do this is to move towards community neighborhood schools, reallocate the resources spent on the school assignment system and transportation toward improving the quality of all schools and finding more creative ways to share facilities and build ties to the schools so that students are familiar and comfortable with the environment.

Jill Brown is running against Wayne for the Subdistrict 4 seat.  Brown is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Creighton University.

On her website, Jill Brown says she has four goals if elected to the OPS board.  She wants to foster better relationships between students, teachers and the community, create and support positive change and transparency in the school board, use research-based practices to improve student retention and graduation rates and creating a strong vision for the future, in terms of both economics and education.

The General Election takes place May 14th.  Details are available online at