OPS Subdistrict 5 Candidates

May 8, 2013

Incumbent OPS Board Member Jennifer Tompkins Kirshenbaum will fight to hold onto her seat in Subdistrict 5.  Kirshenbaum will face Lou Ann Goding in the general election.

Kirshenbaum is in Human Resources with OPS and is a substitute teacher.  She says her teaching, business, and leadership experience qualify her for the school board in various ways.

She says those skills are important to understanding student achievement, budgets, and the relationship the OPS board has with its stakeholders.

Lou Ann Goding is in Finance and Accounting. She says her strong analytical and critical thinking skills will help her ask questions and develop policies to help OPS continue to deliver quality education.

Goding says proposals that are brought to the OPS board need to be fact-based and vetted by the board.  She says her 25 years of experience applying critical thinking skills would help in that process. 

Goding also believes in improving school safety and prioritizing student achievement.

The General Election takes place May 14th.  Details are available online at