OPS Subdistrict 6 Candidates

May 8, 2013

In the race for Omaha Public Schools’ Subdistrict 6, Incumbent Nancy Kratky is running against challenger Matt Scanlan.

Kratky has been a part of the OPS system for 53 years, first as a student, then a student teacher, and an educator for 33 ½ years.

She says she supports a statewide test for kindergarten admission so that students may be supported according to their needs. 

Kratky says her vision is to ensure that academically sound programs are implemented, and the results are shown to be statistically significant.

Matt Scanlan is a Steel Fabricator Project Manager.  According to his website, Scanlan says he’s running for the OPS School Board to “ensure that Omaha continues to provide a high level of public education.” 

One of his primary objectives is to improve on the public education system within the city’s low-income neighborhoods.

Scanlan also believes the OPS School Board needs to provide guidance to the administration and oversee policies that are put in place.

He believes ensure that the students’ best interests are the focal point of all the resources that are available to OPS.

Omaha’s General Election takes place Tuesday, May 14th.  More information is available online at