OPS Subdistricts 6-9 Candidates Headed to General Election

Apr 3, 2013

There were 39 candidates for the 9 Omaha Public School Board’s Subdistrict seats.

Last night’s primary election narrowed that down to 18 candidates for the General Election next month.

In the race for Subdistrict 6, the top two vote getters were incumbent Nancy Kratky and Matt Scanlan.

Subdistrict 7 saw Katie Underwood and Andy Allen with the most votes.

In Subdistrict 8, Lacey Merica received the most votes. Meg Cordes and William Forsee tied for second place.

Sarah Brumfield and Rebecca Barrientos-Patlan will run against one another for the Subdistrict 9 seat.

The General Election takes place May 14th.