OPS Summer Meals Program open to all children through July

Jul 12, 2017

The Omaha Public Schools Summer Meals program will continue through July 28th -- providing free meals to children aged 1 through 18. 

OPS Director of Nutrition Services, Tammy Yarmon, says they serve an average of eight thousand meals a day in June and two to three thousand in July.

She says the Food Bank for the Heartland also provides the funds for one adult accompanying a child or children to get a meal.  Yarmon says they hope the program continues to grow.

“It’s really a great program. We want our children to be fed during the summer – it’s so important for them to be ready for school. And every year we hope to serve more children than we did the year before because we know there are children we are not reaching. And when you’ve got a hungry child, that’s all they can think about is being hungry.”

Yarmon says children do not have to be enrolled in Omaha Public Schools to participate in this summer meals program; any child aged 1 through 18 is eligible.

For more information, the number is 531-299-0230.