Outsmarting Investment Fraud

May 21, 2014

AARP Nebraska is offering an Outsmarting Investment Fraud session next week in partnership with the FINRA Investor Education Foundation and the Omaha Public Library.

Beau Ballinger is Senior Program Specialist with the AARP Foundation. He says the seminar is designed to educate people about how to keep their investments safe from scam artists. 

Ballinger says attendees will learn what the risk factors are for someone who might fall victim to investment fraud. 

He says the seminar will also identify five common persuasion tactics used in investment fraud.

"Like faking credibility.  Someone telling you they are licensed to sell this or that they have these degrees or designations and you just taking them at their word and not doing your homework and checking on them.  Things like scarcity  They say, ‘You’ve got to act now because this opportunity won’t be there tomorrow.’   We always say if it’s a legitimate investment opportunity, if it’s here today, it’s going to be there tomorrow.”

Ballinger says the typical victim is someone with above average income, who is college-educated and self-reliant in making financial decisions. 

Even though next Wednesday’s seminar is full, Ballinger says individuals who are interested may obtain a free DVD with much of the information included in the seminar. 

Details are available online at