Palin focuses on energy, economy, national security during Omaha visit

Omaha, NE – National security, the economy, and energy independence were on Governor Sarah Palin's agenda as she visited Omaha Sunday night.

The Republican Vice Presidential Candidate spoke to a crowd of more than 8,000 at Omaha's Civic Auditorium. Governor Palin's visit came two months after Senator John McCain visited Ashland for a fundraiser.

Governor Palin told the crowd that Senator McCain will solve the economic crisis and get the country back on track. One way that will happen, according to Palin, is by making the U.S. energy independent. She says Senator McCain wants to explore all possible options, including building more nuclear plants and drilling offshore. Palin called energy independence a matter of economic and national security.

Her comments also focused on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Governor Palin says Senator McCain isn't afraid to talk about victory. She added that McCain is the only candidate in the race who's actually served in the military.

Nebraska Democrats dismissed Palin's visit as a sign that the state GOP is worried about its chances in November. Governor Palin was greeted at the Civic by pro-Obama protestors.

Click on the link above to hear Governor Palin's speech.