Pancreatic Cancer Registry receives a $1.6 million grant from National Institutes of Health

Omaha, NE – The Pancreatic Cancer Collaborative Registry created by Dr. Simon Sherman of UNMC, will receive a $1.6 million grant from the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Sherman says the registry was created to gather and share pancreatic cancer-related information with centers around the world.

He says one of the purposes of the grant is to help enhance and upgrade the web-based software registry. He says another is to develop infrastructure which will allow physicians to "mine the data to gain new knowledge and information from existing data and to analyze the possibility of improvement of assessment of risk of getting pancreatic cancer as well as to be used for purpose of improvement of treatment of pancreatic cancer."

Information collected through the registry includes lifestyle, quality of life and medical history. Dr. Sherman says there are currently nine centers in the United States that use the registry as well as one in Genoa, Italy.