Pandemic Influenza the topic of the next Science Cafe

Omaha, NE – Tuesday's Omaha Science Cafe focuses on the pandemic influenza.

Dr. Marvin Bittner, associate professor of medicine at Creighton University, will discuss the speculation that surrounded the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic. Dr. Bittner says the disruption was not as bad as expected.

He says he will talk about why everyone expected the epidemic to be so severe, why that did not turn out to be the case and ways the medical community plans to deal with influenza in the future

Dr. Bittner says, "Our experience in 1918 made us very worried about pandemic influenza and then what actually happened in 2009 which was not what we expected. Also, what we can do in the future, especially when we're considering the burden of influenza on the oldest people in the United States."

Dr. Bittner says the best protection against influenza is to get a flu shot. The Omaha Science Cafe takes place 6:30 tonight at The Sydney, 5918 Maple Street.

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